9 months later…

I posted my last blog post around 9 months ago. That was when I made the decision to study. I used a provider and self-funded my CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR Management. This was a massive decision for me as I’ve never been to University or studied at that level before.

The course was described as ‘blended learning’ and ‘could easily fit around full time work and busy lives’ I think unless you’ve studied at degree level you don’t realise how untrue this.

I have managed to juggle this course around my family, my work, my social life, my me time and of course my loving and extremely supportive partner. It has been extremely difficult at times and I am so glad to have some time back to do the things I enjoy most. 

I am happy to say after a long time worrying about my career and what I will do with the rest or my life I have found something I enjoy. πŸ™‚ 

I look forward to being able to utilise the skills and knowledge this course has given me and use it through my work day to day. 

Now I have my time back (I submitted my last piece of work last night!) I look forward to writing more and practicing a much more healthy lifestyle in the new year. 

New year, new dream, a new goals.

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