One of my New Years resolutions was to lose weight. In aid of this, I’ve joined the gym and go at least 4 times a week. I go with my sister which is great because she’s super supportive and motivates me when I’m feeling all mehh and don’t wanna go! 

I’m really trying to think twice about what I put in my body to ensure I meet my goal and targets I have set in place for myself. 

Prior to this i was one of those people that didn’t really think about how  bad food was and just ate whatever I wanted, unfortunately this will not get me where I want to be. I feel tired, have very little energy most of the time, yawn probably 15,000 times a day and I’m sick of feeling so lethargic. 

Honestly, with my new healthy lifestyle I’ve not really felt more energetic but I guess that will come with time. 

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: gym workout 60 mins

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: gym workout 60 mins & Pilates for 60 mins 

Friday: gym workout 60 mins 

Saturday: gym workout 60 mins

Sunday: rest day 

This is my schedule, however it does differ from week to week depending on what’s going on. 

What I will say is that going to the gym, signing up and going most days is liberating. I feel so good for taking that first step that everything else comes naturally. I don’t wanna eat awful food because I’ll ruin my workout and it won’t mean anything. 

I treat myself on my rest days and I’m a true believer in ensuring balance in all that we do which means a bit of salad and a bit of chocolate! 

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