6 months smoke free πŸš¬πŸš«

February marks 6 months smoke free and it is an incredible feeling. 

It feels good to not rely on something to make you feel happy/less stressed/tolerant/brave/better. 

I was thinking about quitting for a while before I did. I’m in a relationship with a non smoker and it’s not very nice for him. The smell clinged to my clothes, breath, home. My partners health bothered me more than my own and that was enough for me to decide to quit. 

Once I’d made the decision it was easier. I enjoyed smoking, but I didn’t want to be a smoker any longer. I went to my nearest Vape shop and got a cute little powder blue vape, it came with different flavours and was reasonably priced. 

The vaping wasn’t the same as smoking and it didn’t do it for me, if anything it angered me and left me frustrated after about 3 days I stopped using that and took to will power. I downloaded an app that allowed me to view my progress daily, this helped to keep me motivated and to keep myself busy I knitted, knitted and knitted some more! My best friend recieved the finished outcome for Christmas, I was very impressed with that scarf. 

When I quit smoking, I was in between jobs too. This helped because all of my normal routines were broken so it enabled me to be able to actually eat lunch and breakfast at reasonable times. I also stopped drinking coffee as I associated it with smoking same with Coca Cola (favourite drink in the world) 😭. 

I can drink both cola and coffee again now; however, my coffee has changed from a milky 3 sugared cup of goodness to a bitter strong no sugars cup of okayness. I still have coke, but I don’t crave cigarettes with either anymore. 

I think my personality has changed slightly too. I’m less tolerant of people and their bullshit. I worked in customer service before. I would have to deal with really shitty people that chose to be incredibly rude to people in over worked and under paid jobs, I’m sure we all know the sort. Would I be able to smile and kill with kindness now? Probably not. 

However, I feel a sense of gratitude for this no nonsense attitude to people and life. Still learning, evolving and growing as a person and although I say I’m less tolerant of people, i am able to see what’s worth the battle and what’s not; 8/10 times it’s really really not worth my time or energy. 

Hope I’ve helped spread some light on life without cigarettes for me. It’s never worth trying to force someone you care about to stop smoking because they’ll do it in their own time, when their ready. 

Your body, your choice. 

All my love, Billie-Paige πŸ’–βœ¨

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