A is for..Β ο»Ώ


So for our first alphabet date I managed to get tickets for me and Jack to go & see Cirque Du Soliel from work! 🌞

I thought it would be quite nice to do something different and I’ve been to Cirque du soliel before, I think it was back in 2014 and absolutely loved it! Due to this I thought it would be ideal for my first choice of date! ❀️

However this cirque du soleil – varekai was a lot different! It had a story but if I’m honest I’m not sure I could tell you it back, some bird/winged character got married to some sort of forest elf. However, about 45 minutes of it was lost by two weird clown characters (dressed in normal clothes) that didn’t seem to be doing any acrobats; these clowns were just continuously annoying the audience and performing strange childish magic tricks that was not at all suited to the audience. Since pretty much all of the audience was over the age of 10, we all seemed a little confused by the presence of these strange unfunny clowns and what they was even supposed to be doing there!  🀑

Other than that, we had a nice time. The acrobatics were incredible; i am so amazed by the beauty and intensity of it all and could happily watch it all day longggg! πŸŽͺπŸ€ΉπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸŽŸ



Over all I’d give this experience a 6/10; the highlight of the show was the company! ☺️

Thanks for reading 😘

Billie-Paige πŸ’–


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