Mother’s Day Treat at Wollaton Hall. πŸŒΈβ˜•οΈπŸ°

Today me & my sister took our momma for an afternoon tea at Wollaton Hall & Deer Park for an early Mother’s Day treat. 🏰🌸

The tea room was absolutely beautiful inside; high ceilings with unbelievable detail, cute tea cups and saucers covered in intricate patterns, cabinets full of trinkets old and new and large portraits of people from over the years.

We was seated by a friendly young waitress who confirmed our booking and passed us menus; she came back shortly to take our drinks order and within 5 minutes our sandwiches and cakes were at the table, along with 2 reasonably sized pots of tea and cafeteria.

On the stand, there was a great selection of sandwiches and cakes. We even had some crisp and popcorn too!

​After we ate our delicious afternoon tea, we took a walk around Wollaton Hall.

I’ve been to Wollaton Hall so many times throughout my life and it always brings back such great memories. When I was young, we’d go with my grandma, she would take us around the park and we’d have a walk around the lake and feed the geese afterwards.

Today’s trip reminded me just how special Wollaton Hall is to me and how much I enjoy it there – I must make more of an effort to go!

The day ended with my momma bear buying me and my sister an ice cream from the ice cream van like when we were kids.

It was the most perfect day, and I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful momma and sister. Β I am so grateful for both these incredible, beautiful women and the relationships we have with each other. 🐻❀️

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