With love from the future, to the past β±

Here is a list of ten things I would tell my younger self if I could:  

  1. Stop worrying!!! I cannot stress this enough! It only stresses you out more and makes you more anxious and the fact is, you cannot change anything. What will be will be and it’s out of your hands so just crack on with it.
  2.  Stop trying to please everyone. Not everyone will like you, you will clash with some people and that’s okay. Don’t try and make people like you just accept that they don’t and remain classy and kind – it’s their loss! 
  3. Everyone is winging it just like you are. Nobody has a fucking clue what they’re doing, where they’re going or how they’re gonna do it! And actually that’s fine! Just go with the flow! 
  4. Everyone is different so stop comparing yourself to everyone. It doesn’t matter if they’re thinner or fatter or taller or smaller or more interesting or have a kid or earn more than Β£35,000 a year. We all move at our own pace and our own current and we’ll get there in our own time. Don’t wish your life away by thinking you should be somewhere; you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. 
  5. Live in the moment and appreciate the now, the today and the tomorrow as you never know when it could be your last! 
  6. Most things will be out of your control and you won’t be able to plan for everything and that’s okay! Sometimes, spontaneousness is a great thing – not very often, just sometimes! 
  7. Get out of that comfort zone and do something that scares you! Being impulsive is a beautiful thing and it’s such an incredible feeling to do something that you never thought you could/would do. You’ve got this! 
  8. Take more pictures, document everything! With technology the way it is today we have the luxury to not have to miss a thing and to repeat our favourite memories, and re live our most magical moments, so go & make them and take plenty of pics while doing so!
  9. Spend more time with the ones that mean the most to you. As awful as it sounds, the people that are most precious to us won’t be here forever. There will be a time where we will have to try to cope and live without our loved ones. So make time for them, engage and listen to them, get to know them and for god sakes put your phone down when you’re with them; whatever it is, it can wait – they can’t. 
  10. Learn to say no. Whether it’s colleagues inviting you to drinks after work, or that weirdo that continually asks you out and doesn’t seem to get the message you’re not interested… Never ever feel obligated to do anything you don’t want to do. For so long I said yes in fear of offending someone or hurting someone’s feelings. When really the only persons feelings getting hurt was my own by saying yes to doing something I didn’t want to do. Don’t make excuses, don’t even bother lying. Just simply use that beautiful word crafted by the gods that goes by ‘No.’ it’s okay to say I actually just wanna go home, or I’m really tired but thanks for thinking of me. It’s an extremely empowering feeling to say no. 

As i’ve gotten older I guess I’d like to think I’ve become wiser. I’m now able to see the whole picture instead of a fraction of it, and I don’t act on just that fraction in haste. It’s easier to speak up for what you believe to be right and recognise when something is wrong.  

When it all comes down to it though, we are all just winging it in this life & hoping for the best possible outcome. 

Keep winging it, you’re doing great!✨

Billie-Paige πŸ’–

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