The seaweed is always greener… 

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others; but is it right that we continue to put so much pressure on ourselves if we’re not where we believe we should be in our lives?

My shoulders have been heavy lately carrying the burden of comparison. I’m always peering at other people’s grass to see if mine matches. I know I shouldn’t, I know it doesn’t make me feel any better and I know that the weight on my shoulders is definitely fueled by my own thoughts and comparisons. Does this stop me from yearning for more right now, wishing my life away in order for me to reach these milestones and goals in which my peers, friends and colleagues have hit already before me. No, no it does not.

The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake. – Sebastian, The Little Mermaid.

It seems as though once I have a win  in my life, I look around and everyone else has had twenty wins in the time it took me to get to my one.

I don’t know if it’s a mid twenty’s crisis but I feel stuck.

Stuck whether to decide on saving to go travelling or invest in a mortgage. Stuck on whether it’s time to try for a baby or get a dog. Stuck on whether to stay in my current role or look for something that’s permenant. Stuck on whether to treat yo self on payday or save for a rainy day.

I feel like I’m constantly picking at every aspect of my life to make sure it’s perfect but I’m not sure what perfect even looks like…

I’m not the most positive person -I’ve already evaluated the negatives of any situation before the positive even crosses my mind. I’m working on trying to see that the glass can be half full if I allow it to be.

I worry so much about the future that I guess I sometimes forget about the right now.

But I know It’s okay to compare things to other people because it’s natural to do so, but we should try to remove the pressure put on us from society and ourselves.

My mum had two kids by my age and I’m still trying to figure out how to master the poached egg!

I think I feel a bit lost because I didn’t go university for three years, go back home, save for a year then go travelling or jump straight into a really good graduate scheme.

One thing I can say for certain is that I don’t regret the choices and decisions I’ve made to date. So maybe I’m doing something right…

In the words of  our Amy;


Our day will come, and we’ll have everything. – Amy Winehouse, Our Day Will Come.


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