13 Reasons Why; my thoughts.

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If you have Netflix or actively use social media then you’ll probably of heard of the recent Netflix Original program 13 Reasons Why. There has been a lot of hype surrounding it since it’s release. It’s about a girl called Hannah who decides to commit suicide, but before doing so, talks about her reasoning behind her decision on tapes. Hannah leaves tapes for certain individuals who in some way had something to do with her choice.

While watching the programme, It reminded me of my time at school. I didn’t enjoy school in the slightest, I couldn’t wait to leave and start fresh. I didn’t even go to prom. I just wanted to leave it all behind.

I watched each episode and felt emotions some, I haven’t felt since school. The feeling that everyone knows something about you that you don’t even know. That everyone believes what they hear. I can’t tell you how many times I cried through episodes, or how it kept me up thinking about situations I hadn’t thought about in years. Instead of dealing, i’d tried to keep them in the back of my mind and not think of them, just move on from it all. I know I’m not alone here though. This is the worst part. The program is so successful because it’s so relatable. So many kids were Hannah Baker. So many kids struggled and no-one knew. They were too afraid to tell someone the horrific truth. Just like Hannah.

You grow up, get older and see that sometimes these kids don’t grow up into nice people; unfortunately, they become shitty adults. You see it all around you, in the workplace, throughout life. The people that push in front of a queue for the bus, or people that talk over you in meetings, the people that have a general lack of respect and consideration.

I don’t often dwell on my time at school, but 13 reasons why touched me. It touched my heart. It touched the 14 year old Billie. I’m not going to go into detail about my time at school because it’s unnecessary. If you were there, I guess you know.

I understood each decision Hannah made and why she felt the way she did. If kids saw the program would their own choices be influenced by Hannah’s story? Would they think twice about spreading a rumour, passing a note on, or saying something hurtful?

I say it all the time, but it’s so important to be kind and be nice to people. Influencing people in a positive way is contagious. Give someone a compliment without expecting one in return. We really don’t know what battles people are going through. We don’t know how difficult it is for some people to just get out of bed in the morning. We don’t know what demons people are fighting. So always be nice, be kind, it doesn’t cost anything to say lovely things to people.

  • think before you speak about someone
  • think before you spread a rumour
  • don’t just judge someone based on other people’s opinions
  • give people opportunities
  • make things easier for people if you are able to
  • be kind, always. 

We all need to wake up to this ignorant attitude that everything will just go away if we ignore it, if we move on. Well it doesn’t. It follows you, and once you think you’re all good, in a good place, that’s when it hits you. Years of coping mechanisms brushed under the carpet turns into waves of depression and bouts of anxiety. We all know how hard life can be, so let’s try to make it as easy as we can for everyone.

I want whoever reading this to know that if you ever feel like you aren’t in a good place, please talk to someone, anyone. I’m happy to talk to you. You always, always have a friend here .


All my love,

Billie-Paige 🌸

20 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why; my thoughts.

    1. Lillypad

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m yet to read the book as it is sold out everywhere but once I get my hands on it I’m hope I love it as much as the show! Thank you!! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Girl711

    Such an important message! Yeah! I too went through a lot of what hannah went through and hence i really GET IT.
    I haven’t seen the series yet. Only read the book, but that already has left me numb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lillypad

      It’s an important topic that has to be talked about. Thank you for reading. I hope you’re coping okay. If you ever need to talk, please get in touch. ♥️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Girl711

        Yeah. I am fine. It happened a while ago and i came through. 😀
        But thanks. It feels good to know that people care.


  2. reactionarytales

    I’ve yet to watch the show but I definitely will now. I was a loner in high school and grateful that I had a teacher who cared enough about me to get me involved in Zoology Club after school and his classroom of animals became my refuge. Great post 🙂


  3. Hannah’s story sounds so sad and her suicide such a waste of a young life. I haven’t seen the programme but you’re probably right in your reasons for its popularity. Your a advice at the end was well thought out. Careless and hurtful words can do so much damage.


    1. Billie - Paige

      Bless you, thank you. It’s hard at school your emotions are everywhere and the luxury of being rational is one you don’t have at that age. The programme is really good and shows what modern school life is like perfectly. X


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