Favourite bands/songs 

  1. A Little Respect – Erasure is my all time favourite song. I love the lyrics. Wheatus do a pretty good version too. 
  2. Kate Bush – everything. I love her and all of her music, fav has gotta be wuthering heights love the video for it and her majestic dance moves #goals.
  3. The Smiths – again, there isn’t a song that I don’t love. 
  4. Eagles – Hotel California. All 6 minutes and 25 seconds of it. Perfect. 
  5. Guns N Roses – everythingggg again but favourite song is probably November Rain. 
  6. Tegan & Sara – this band has been in my heart since I was about 14. I met them once, they stayed at the hotel I worked at and I checked them out of their rooms and was totally star struck 😍 
  7. David Bowie. Forever a love of mine. 
  8. My Chemical Romance. I don’t care this band got me through days i didn’t even think I was strong enough to get through at like 14. 
  9. Paramore – please see description above. 
  10. The XX – thanks to Jack who introduced me to this band. Absolutely love everything and we recently saw them in Nottingham – incredible. 
  11. Lana del Rey. What a woman right? Her voice is just something else. Adore her.
  12. Slipknot. Seen them live a couple of times, years ago. Love. 
  13. The Beach Boys. Summers day, on repeat please. 
  14. Bob Marley – just nobody quite like him. 
  15. The Carpenters. My mum listened to them a lot while we were growing up so I guess that’s influenced my love for them. They do remind me of my momma. 
  16. Elvis Presley. THE KING! 
  17. London Grammar. Her voice is just beautiful. 
  18. Joshua Radin. Had the privilege to see him live a few years ago and his voice is lovely, the lyrics to his songs are beautiful too. 
  19. James Morrison. Probably the most underrated male singer/songwriter on the planet. 
  20. Earth Angel – the penguins. Famous from back to the future (school dance scene) any music from this era tbh. 

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