Girlsmouth πŸ‘„

This blog post is about the up and coming Facebook page ‘Girlsmouth’ that Chloe Todd created as a way to build and make friendships within her local area.

The group was started at the beginning of January this year with just one member, that being the creator Chloe. The group now has an impressive 46,990 members with this number growing daily.

Chloe intended the group to be an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on. This group has become a huge platform for women and girls of all ages all over the world to share stories, advice, support but what we can mostly see is the confidence. The group allows girls an environment where they are able to be themselves and share their stories and ask for help if needed.

Chloe has also given the girls a chance to say what they want to say anonymously by messaging a group admin who will then share the post on their behalf; this gives the girls who feel embarrassed or worried a chance to still speak up.

Chloe says she feels that in this day and age there is so much hate, women need to come together. Chloe is very aware of the issues that girls face daily and the pressure that is put on young girls today, she uses her Facebook group to promote a supportive relationship with other girls, where girls build each other up instead of knocking each other down.

What do you feel is the toughest challenge faced by women on social media?

Comparing each other to other women and celebrity figures and unrealistic body goals. – Chloe Todd.

In order to ensure the group is ran accordingly Chloe has a list of rules which she urges people to read as soon as they become a member.

Being the group creator isn’t always easy. With strict rules to abide to, Chloe sometimes has to enforce these rules in an authoritative manner and even has to remove people from the group. This is usually the case when someone has broken the rules of the group, Chloe’s main concern is that the other girls in her group are protected from any malice or hate for being themselves within the group.

Everything badly on the group reflects on me, every decision is based on me, people lean on me because I’m the authoritive figure within the group so it’s quite tricky sometimes. – Chloe Todd.

Luckily, Chloe doesn’t have to do all of this by herself. Chloe has chosen 5 lovely ladies from all over the UK and even as far as Germany to help her manage the group.

  • Holly Julieanne
  • Chelsea Frampton
  • Georgia Dee Attride
  • Jess Morrison
  • Megan De Freitas – Griggs

These girls actively post on the group and are continuously helping the members of the group, night and day.

Overall, the Facebook group has helped so many girls come out of their shell and rebuild their confidence.

This is a wonderful platform for girls to share funny stories and advise each other on matters more important and build relationships that make friendships. This Facebook group shows girls that it doesn’t matter that it’s 3.50am, if you need someone, there will be someone to talk to at Girlsmouth and that’s the message Chloe has created.

Watch this space and in the mean time, comeΒ and join the fun! πŸ’‹

Girlsmouth πŸ‘„

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