Driving Lesson: 1 πŸš—

Today I started my driving lessons again, for what seems like the 50,000,000th time. With one difference, this time I’m determined to pass. 

I am an incredibly nervous driver with my anxiety levels at their highest when being behind the wheel of a car. I don’t ever completely feel in control and to add to all of that – I get my left and rights terribly mixed up. 

I’ve had several driving instructors and I’ve tried to learn on and off since being 17. I’ve failed my theory test 3 times and if I’m honest, I’ve felt like a lost cause for a while. 

My lesson was booked with an instructor called Ian who was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine. 

First positive – Ian was on time! He was friendly and smiley and asked if I wanted to drive off first. I politely declined this offer and told him I didn’t really feel ready. He was fine with that and took me to a quiet area in Bilborough, Nottingham. 

I got into the drivers seat and felt ready to start. I put my seatbelt on, moved the chair forward and adjusted my mirrors. The road was quiet and Ian told me how to start the car. This car was different to all the previous cars I’d driven as a button is used to to start the engine. I pressed the button, checked my mirrors, blind spot, found my bite and released the handbrake, and off I went! 

I drove around this area for the majority of my lesson, I was fully prepared and listened to everything Ian said. I was remembering my mistakes and understanding what I needed to do next, planning my turns and getting to grips with the gears and the the rest of the car. 

I drove home and this meant getting from this quiet area in Bilborough, through the busy Aspley crossroad, and busy Baseford crossings and the intimidating hill start at the top of Hucknall road, leading to my final destination of Bestwood Park; Home sweet home!

Each roundabout, each turn, each set of traffic lights I completed with absolute control. I was driving and I was remembering all my previous lessons and I felt good, I felt proud of myself. 

I drove home and I felt so good! 

I am really happy with my first lesson and with myself. Before I left the car, Ian told me how well I’d done and what we’d be doing next lesson. I couldn’t believe how well it had gone! 

Next month I’m going to book in for my theory test, to get that out of the way and hopefully pass the first hurdle there. 

I’m looking forward to my next lesson and someday soon hopefully passing my driving test! πŸš— 

5 thoughts on “Driving Lesson: 1 πŸš—

  1. I’m exactly the same Hun! We have so much in common! I’ve struggled to do lessons etc since I was 17 because of money and my health. I hope I can start mine again just to refresh myself as I need to redo my test. I feel good about it and like I won’t have forgotten everything which is good. I hope it goes as well as it did for you when I finally take that refresher. 😊


    1. lotsoflovelilly

      We seriously do haha!! I’ve had two now and I love it so much I’ve never felt so comfortable doing it I’m focused and I feel so in control which is something that I never really feel so it’s quite empowering. I hope you start again, you’ve got this!! Xxx

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      1. It is incredibly empowering. Anything that grants you that sense of achievement & freedom is priceless. I haven’t found anything that makes me feel those things as much as driving does.. I’ve always loved it and can’t wait to start again. Sadly my health has put it on hold for so many years.. Thank you sweet. So do you.. you’re doing great! πŸ’—Let that be your thing to look forward to. And maybe it’ll give you more once you’ve passed.. xxx

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  2. I’ve gone through two instructors and the second one has brought me along so well and so quickly. It is all down to the instructor.

    My recommendation is going on YouTube and watching videos online on driving lessons and how to do certain manoeuvres or anything you are struggling on. It helps to refresh your memory between lessons and they are really informative.


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