Nothing compares to you.ย 

Since openly coping with my mental health issues, I have received so much support, I honestly cannot express how much it means to me and how grateful I am for every kind word. 

A lot of the support I’ve received comes from Instagram. I didn’t see Instagram as a blog until a friend described it as that once. Inevitably, it is a social media platform in which people share snippets of their own lives or businesses through a series of images. 

I acknowledge Instagram as a blog and I use the platform to show aspects of my life. It is often hard to escape our own reality and Instagram can become a comfortable place to allow you to show people what you want them to see and what they want you to see. 

We show every loved up Friday date night, our children’s first steps, our first house, marriage and selfies full of make up and smiles. 

We don’t show the arguments before date night or the difficulty getting our child to walk, or the times we ate noodles for weeks on end so we could save for the house or simply the days we look and feel our worse. 

We put so much pressure on ourselves to have a certain lifestyle and a certain image because it’s what we’re so used to seeing in our Instagram feed but this isn’t reality. It’s dangerous to constantly compare ourselves to others. 

I like to show people my reality in hopes that people feel a little bit better. We all have shit days but we will most definitely have better days too. 

So this is a gentle reminder to take the pressure off! Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all move at our own pace and that’s okay. 

You’re exactly where you need to be right now. โค๏ธ

Lots of love, Lilly. ๐ŸŒธ

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