There’s often a huge misconception when people say they’re depressed. People expect you to be crying all the time with your head in your hands. Because why on earth could you be smiling or laughing if you were that depressed? 

The thing is, you don’t ever know what people have been through or what’s on their mind or what experiences they’ve encountered so why do we judge? 

I think it comes from not fully understanding; A lot of people who haven’t encountered mental illness or had anyone close to them deal with, it don’t understand and find it difficult to show compassion. 

I’ll let you in to a little secret…

When people have been suffering with their mental health for years and years we adapt coping mechanisms to help us try to portray a normalish life. Sometimes it’s the most put together people that are struggling. 

Generally, we’re very good at faking it. We’re good at allowing people to see what we want them to see. We’re good at pretending we’re okay and that things are okay. 

We find ways of not bringing attention to ourselves when having a panic attack around everyone, we utilise moments and think strategically before committing to anything. We use work arounds in our everyday life to ensure the most comfortable day ahead.

So the next time you assume that someone seems okay, or that they can’t really be depressed if they’re having a good time, maybe think twice about judging them. 

Lots of love, Lilly. 💖

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