Am I still ill ?

This evening I saw my therapist for the last time.

As many of you already know, last year I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. I chose to write about my diagnosis to raise mental health awareness, and to help remove the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds mental health. Many of us that suffer with mental health issues handle it and suffer in silence, some people you wouldn’t know had any problem unless they confided in you.

I fall under that category, as I’m able to go about my day to day activities without anybody having a clue what demons I fight. I guess for me, it’s a coping mechanism. I’d rather use the words ‘I’m fine’ because I don’t want to delve and get caught up in a situation that may turn out incredibly uncomfortable for all parties involved.

Since my diagnosis, I have been attending regular therapy sessions and I’ve learnt how to deal with situations that arise, that one may find too overwhelming. I’ve learnt how to process and move onwards with my feelings. For me, it has helped a tremendous amount and instead of constantly feeling as though I am fire fighting with my demons, I’m now in control again.

Now with this realisation, comes change. Most people avoid change and view it quite negatively. I’ve tried to take a more positive stance on this change. I believe by surrounding myself with only positive people, positive energy and positive thoughts, will hopefully in turn, allow me to lead a more positive life.

I’ve decided to take some time out for myself, to focus on myself. I feel that by putting myself first and becoming more self reliant will help eventually heal my heart and mind.

I feel ready for 2018, and I’m glad to see the back of 2017.

I have goals set for myself and I hope that this year I can make more of my dreams come true! πŸ˜ŒπŸ’–

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this ongoing journey, thank you for your kindness throughout and thank you for sharing your personal stories with me too. I hope to continue to inspire you to be brave and be proud of the wonderful, magical people you are. πŸ’—

Lots of love,

Lilly 🌸

One thought on “Am I still ill ?

  1. Inspiring post Lilly! I hope you gain a healthier state of mind after changing things and to think more positively. Depression is a fickle bitch, and you will gain huge respect from people that understand just how hard you’re fighting. Keep up the good fight! Please have a read/follow of my blog, and all band together to smash the stigma to smithereens x


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