Can ex’s be friends?

I think so, yes. I have friends that speak to their ex's and I have friends that don't.Β I have friends that want to speak to their ex's but their partner doesn't want them to. I have friends that are civil with their ex's and I have friends that wish their ex's were dead. Now, I …

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About: Lots of Love, Lilly πŸ’–

β€’ twenty five β€’ mermaid4lyf β€’ tattoo lover β€’ freelance writerΒ  β€’ pizza enthusiast β€’ disney princess β€’ tea devotee β€’ cat lover β€’ zelda fanatic β€’ I use this platform to share my experiences and my thoughts about my life, my own mental health issues, lifestyle and relationships. Please don't hesitate to contact me …

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Girlsmouth πŸ‘„

This blog post is about the up and coming Facebook page 'Girlsmouth' that Chloe Todd created as a way to build and make friendships within her local area. The group was started at the beginning of January this year with just one member, that being the creator Chloe. The group now has an impressive 46,990 …

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