About: Lots of Love, Lilly ๐Ÿ’–

โ€ข twenty five โ€ข mermaid4lyf โ€ข tattoo lover โ€ข freelance writerย  โ€ข pizza enthusiast โ€ข disney princess โ€ข tea devotee โ€ข cat lover โ€ข zelda fanatic โ€ข I use this platform to share my experiences and my thoughts about my life, my own mental health issues, lifestyle and relationships. Please don't hesitate to contact me …

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Heaven knows I’m miserable now.ย 

I've not written a personal post in a while so here goes, here's what's going on... After struggling for a while to maintain my thoughts, feelings and utter desperation to be seen as 'normal' I booked an appointment at the doctors.  I've felt hopeless and worried and sad and upset and emotional and overwhelmed since …

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Unfortunately, there is still so much stigma attached to mental illness and we are still so unsure as to what we can say, what's deemed appropriate, and what's not. Especially to those who don't struggle daily. I believe anxiety is among the most common of mental illnesses. It is also one of the most crippling …

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